Automatic picking system

The fast-mover autopicker SDA-2000 is a fully automatic high-volume picking system. Articles are filled manually into the magazines, from where they are then automatically separated, collected and deposited in the order container. The huge productivity increase of the autopicker results from the minimization of manual activities.

The KNAPP fast mover autopicker SDA-2000 is designed for the automatic picking of items with a high or very high turnover rate. The SDA-2000 is used when high performance and absolute accuracy are demanded.
  • As stand-alone autopicker or as part of a complete distribution system: goods replenishment (storage), empty carton handling, manual picking area, dispatch and sorting stations, handling of returns, etc.
  • In combination with other automatic picking systems on one common autopicker line
  1. To pick fast moving products directly onto the central belt
  2. To maximize throughput by means of simultaneous order processing
  3. To shorten order transit times
  4. To balance out daily peaks
  5. To transfer manual activities to off-peak times
  • Maximum safety thanks to intelligent ejectors
  • Significant reduction of manpower required
  • Central belt technology for maximization of performance
  • High reliability, great accuracy and gentle handling of products
  • Ergonomic design and user-friendly human-machine interface
  • Easily integrated and retrofitted in existing central belt systems
  • Patented lot tracking for order processing using sensors
  • Special channels for expansion of range of ejectable products
  • Integrable filling aids and crossovers

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