Pick to light

It’s a SIMPLIFIED order fulfilment system. Typically, light systems are mounted onto racks, flow racks, carts and trolleys. Each p icker is assigned to specific light locations. Whenever a product is required from a particular location, the LED indicator showing the quantity turns on with a blinking light. The light attracts the picker’s attention. The picker then performs the necessary pick and confirms the pick completion by pressing the blinking light. Hence, pick to light. The picker, picks towards the lighted indicator.
FAST.No searching. Just go towards light indicator.
ACCURATE. Just Pick according to the quantity. 99% accuracy!
PAPERLESS.No paper is required.
CONCURRENT. All required pick lights up at once.
TRACKED. Makes productivity tracing exceptionally easy!
INTELLIGENT. System directed. No operator intelligence required.
COST EFFECTIVE. Our pricing strategy makes this easily adaptable.
YOURS! Contact us today for a demo.
TYPICAL OPERATION WORKFLOW (Flowrack, Rack, Shelve Mount)
Each picking process starts with Induction / Initialization. Here, the operator scans the order barcode in the carton box. System displays the order number at the zone to inform operator current order being picked. The pick to light lights up and the picker picks the item and places it into the carton box. Picker acknowledges the confirm button 

In the event of shortpick, picker could adjust quantity pick by reducing quantity (pic). However, increasing pick quantity more than required is not allowed. Once complete, the system displays END to indicate the completion of the order in the carton box. Picker can then start with another order carton box.

                                             Image 1. Typical flowrack / shelve pick

The Pick To Cart is similar to the conventional pick to light systems. The difference, the light is now mounted to the cart and powered by a mobile battery. This solution has to be coupled together with a RF scanner. Assuming there are 10 orders to pick. Each process starts with Induction / Initialization. Here, the operator assigns the 10 orders to the pick to light.
Picker scans all the 10 orders and confirms the order to the light.
Once complete, system directs the operator to move to the product location. Picker scans the location. System displays the total quantity to be picked. Operator picks and puts to the order according to the quantity displayed on the light indicator.
This process is repeated till all the 10 orders are completed. Upon 1 pick run completion, the operator would have completed 10 orders. This could be multiplied to 2 -3 operators depending on the operation.


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