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Store more materials in less space with mini load AS/RS
Storing products doesn't have to mean compromising floor space — mini load AS/RS is designed to store small parts in less space with faster performance than its technical ancestors. Built with strong, lightweight alloys, the mini load AS/Rs is easy to install and maintain without breaking the company budget.

Custom solutions are available to make this storage and retrieval solution the perfect fit for your business needs.



See why Mini Load AS/RS is right for you
How Mini Load Works

The unique compact design of the Mini Load AS/RS allows you to store more material in less space. These AS/RS systems are designed with strong, lightweight alloys making the mini load less expensive to install, operate, and maintain. More specifically, the lightness of these alloys allow for much faster performance, making these machines significantly more productive than their technical ancestors.

The most common usage of this class of AS/RS is for small parts storage and management for picking and order fulfillment. Often paired with a hybrid combination of flow lanes and static racks or shelves, the Mini load provides the best solution for those SKU's that represent the mid-range of activity.

In this configuration, pans of parts are stored in the system in random order. Each pan may have multiple SKU's located loosely in the pan, or in specifically segmented and labeled partitions within the pan. The computer system knows where every part is in the system, and on request, brings the pan containing the needed SKU to the operator picking station.

The design of the front end of the Mini-Load allows for work to be “in-queue” for the picking operator. Application and design methodologies are used by Logistics Mart engineers to carefully balance the capability of the Mini-Load with the ability of the operator to perform the picking and fulfillment process. This balancing is designed to optimize the system, but also to insure that a significant degree of scalability is built into the design – allowing productive use of the technology during low as well as high activity periods.

The AS/RS Mini Load is available in many different horizontal and vertical speeds to match your requirements. In addition, variable acceleration rates ensure load stability. Despite the AS/RS’s high speed, the machine remarkably quiet, operating at usual office sound levels.

For maintenance efficiency, AS/RS Mini Load’s drives and components have been carefully placed for easy access and quick repairs making installations simpler and faster.


Benefits of Mini Load AS/RS
Material for the picking operator is presented at an ergonomically ideal position for operator interface. These locations can be at the end of an aisle, or along the sides of the system allowing multiple operators to be served by a single aisle of equipment.

Minimal learning curve – getting your operators to work faster. 

Variety of Load Handling Methods – Including a single or dual shuttle, frame, robotic arm, or extractor load transfer methods. This flexibility allows you to choose the method that best fits your needs.

Multiple Speed Options – This AS/RS is available with multiple horizontal and vertical speeds allowing you to pick the machine that matches your requirements; high-speed order picking included. 

Multiple Heights – Allows you to maximize the use of overhead space, from 10’ to 50’ in height, and even higher is some specialty applications. 

Easy Maintenance – Designed with modular construction and built-in diagnostics simplify installation and maintenance of the AS/RS Mini Load. 

Small Footprint – The Mini Load has a footprint as narrow as 7’ and is easily installed close to the factory or warehouse use point. 

Space Efficient – This AS/RS provides easy access to totes, multiple items per tote and likewise permits computerized location tracking for thousands of SKU's. 

Available Enclosures – Allow you to secure your materials. A variety of enclosure styles and colors are available.

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